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Build A Handicap Access Ramp -- Not Hard At All


Hey guys, I'm back with a video on how to build a handicap ramp over some existing stairs. In this case a friend needed a ramp with handrails in order to get into her house. So, We decided what better way to help her out then to build a accessible ramp for her to access the door to her home with ease. Here's the video, and thanks for watching. Please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already, just click on the icon in the bottom right, and if you liked the video please click on the thumbs up. Thanks. I would also like to give a shout out to 84 lumber for helping get the wood supplies for the build, my dad for his help, and all my friends that donated to make this build so important for someone who needs it. Follow me on social media and check out my website for more videos and info. FaceBook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Website 🤍

How to build a Skate Ramp / Quarter Half Pipe


Plans available on my Patreon page→ 🤍 Featured tools: Kobalt Tool Combo Kit→ 🤍 Kobalt Jigsaw→ 🤍 All the materials are listed below. Be sure to click the link and print out the plans with measurements. The ramp you see me build in this video is 4ft wide. If you have the space available, building an 8ft wide quarterpipe is worth considering as well as a second ramp to turn it into a halfpipe. If you end up building your own, send some pictures and let me know how it went. If you want to paint, stain or seal it; treat the wood with the same materials as you would use on a deck. Transition & Deck Ply→ (1) 1/2" Sheathing Sublayer Ply→ (1) 3/8" Sheathing Surface Ply→ (1) 1/4" Sanded 2x4's→ (6) Straight with no large knots PVC Coping → (4ft) 1-1/2" Conduit Construction Adhesive (or use screws)→ (1) Loctite Premium Construction Adhesive Surface & Deck Ply Screws→ (60) 1-1/2" 2x4 to 2x4 Screws→ (21) 3-1/2" exterior 1/2" ply to 2x4 screws→ (28) 2-1/2" 🤍 🤍 Email / Mail: 🤍 Disclaimer: Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of tools, equipment, or from the information in this video is the sole responsibility of the viewer and is to be used at the discretion of the end-user/viewer and not AdamDIY and or Adam Hill. If you are uncertain about any step of the process or feel unsure about your skill level, seek a more authoritative source. This video is only for entertainment purposes. #LowesPartner #Spon #skateramp #ramp

Build a Shed Ramp


Need a barn? Review steel truss barn plans here for free: 🤍 Build your own shed ramp, sturdy and easy to build. Made like a deck from pressure treated lumber. Here in Florida the wood will shrink and leave little gaps for expansion. If your ramp will be in a cooler climate with less humidity, you might need to leave gaps between the treads,. Subscribe now. Thanks for the views.

How to make a Mini Ramp (DIY Halfpipe)


Jaimie and Jay make a DIY mini ramp in their backyard! Check out this step-by-step build of how to make your own halfpipe. SUBSCRIBE ► 🤍 DISCORD ► 🤍 Looking for the plans? Patrons get them free! ► 🤍 You can also find the Mini-Ramp Plans available for purchase on our website: 🤍 Do you like Dungeons & Dragons? We play live on Twitch! 🤍 Want to see more of our works? 👇 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Special thanks to Joel, Chad, and Josh for the huge help building this monster! Learn how to build a DIY mini ramp in your backyard! This skateboarding ramp is easy to build with basic construction materials and tools. It's obviously big, but it's relatively easy to make. If you've ever wanted to make your own skateboard ramp, hopefully this sets you on the right path! When Jay was younger he lived with a bunch of friends and they built a diy halfpipe/mini ramp in their basement. It was super fun to skate but the low ceilings made for some interesting hazards. Many years later, we're finally fulfilling a childhood dream of building a proper sized mini ramp in our backyard (no more hitting our heads on the ceiling: bonus). Skateboarding has been a big part of Jay's life since he was a kid and we couldn't be more excited to start introducing our son to it in the raddest way possible. (These are affiliate links and they help support our channel!) MATERIALS: 2x4" Lumber 3/4" Plywood 3/8" Plywood 1/8" Plywood 2" OD Steel Pipe Exterior Latex Paint 2.5" Exterior Screws - 🤍 1.5" Exterior Screws - 🤍 1/2" Galvanized Bolts/Nuts/Washers Concrete Footings TOOLS USED: Miter Saw - 🤍 Circular Saw - 🤍 Drill - 🤍 Impact Driver - 🤍 Cobalt Drill Bits - 🤍 Countersink Drill Bit - 🤍 Level - 🤍 Tape Measure - 🤍 Chalk Line - 🤍 Pencil #DIY #MiniRamp #Skateboarding

Building Shed Ramps - DIY


Make life easier by building yourself a ramp to your shed! As always, I take you through step by step for instruction and a clear explanation. Like what I do? Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Get early previews on Instagram: 🤍 Check out more projects on my website: 🤍 Check out my awesome sponsors Triton Tools and ISOTunes! 🤍 - 🤍 Things I Used in This Project: ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection: 🤍 Circular Saw: 🤍 Custom Tool Belt: 🤍 Multi Stand: 🤍 Miter Saw: 🤍 Saw Horses: 🤍 Super Jaws: 🤍 Drills: 🤍 Framing Square: 🤍

Porch and Ramp - Build a Workshop #20


After jumping up and down from a bucket I am finally ready to build the front porch to the workshop. I spent $115 on this build and I am very pleased with the results! The ramp is just a little steep but other than that it is great! Visit my Amazon Store: 🤍 Check out the Land To House website: 🤍 Send Me Mail: Land To House llc P.O. Box 323 Micaville, NC 28755 See whats coming up before it hits Youtube on my Facebook Page: 🤍 Land To house is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking to Amazon.com

Building a Backyard MTB Trail || Ramp Build


This is part two of the backyard MTB trail build. I am super stoked to start working on this trail some more. In this video I go step by step what I did to build a movable outdoor box jump for mountain biking. I break this build up into three parts: 1) Building the takeoff ramp 2) Building the landing ramp 3) Building the center tabletop section This ramp is super fun and would be great for a ramp you can build and leave in your backyard, driveway, or anywhere else outdoors because it uses all pressure treated lumber. So no need to put this ramp away after each session!!

DYI How to Build a Wheel Chair Ramp that’s Removable (Complete Guide)


00:43 The Tools Tools: *Circular Saw - 🤍 *Drills - 🤍 *T-25 Torx bit - 🤍 * 1/8 drill bit - 🤍 * Square - 🤍 * Tape Measure - 🤍 * Chalk line - 🤍 * Pencil * 2in t-25 exterior screws - 🤍 * 2-1/2in t-25 exterior screws - 🤍 * 3in t-25 exterior Screws - 🤍 * Paper - to draw out your design Pressure Treated Wood: * (1) 2 x 6 x 12 * (1) 5/4 x 6 x 8 * (1) 5/4 x 6 x 12 01:27 The Fix - how to measure it all out 04:10 The Header & Rail Cuts 10:02 The Runs Cuts 10:34 Putting It All Together Check out my website at 🤍 Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of MC FIX IT, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information in the video, post, blog, or social media. MC FIX IT assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. If you feel uncomfortable at any time. Stop and go to a professional. MC FIX IT recommends safe practices when working on vehicles, your house, or any other project and or with tools seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of MC FIX IT, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not MC FIX IT. #mcfixit #wheelchairramp #diy —— Supplies used to record this video: * GoPro Hero 7 Black - 🤍 * 256GB Flash Drive - 🤍 * Vlogging Frame - 🤍 * GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter - 🤍 * Youmic Lavalier Lapel Mic - 🤍 * Boom Stand - 🤍 * 5/8” to 1/4” adapter - 🤍

How to Build a RAMP for the TINY MOBILE DECK//DIY//From Her Workshop//Part two


Adding the detachable ramp to the tiny mobile deck. The ramp will allow smooth and easy access to the tool shed. This ramp is also detachable and can be placed on either side of the mobile deck structure. Thank you for watching. Once lumber prices are more affordable, I will add deck posts and rails for safety. Be Blessed

DIY RAMP, A quick, easy and strong ramp for home or shed


We show you how to build a quick and easy ramp with just a few tools in just an hour or two. Great for garden sheds or if someone has an injury and has a difficult time using steps. NOTE; Not meant as a permanent replacement for handicap ramps or to adhere to local codes or for bicycle or skateboard stunts 🤍

Building a ramp for shed


How to build a Sturdy Shed Ramp. Join VIP for Cottage Shed Plans.pdf download. Full course 🤍



🤍 So here is how-to: build a ramp, This is the same ramp that me and tom cardy used in the last upload called ''THE KICKER RAMP'' it was cool to see so many of you guys asking how to build the ramp so here it is! You'll need: - Screwdriver - screws - 1 sheet of 18mm OSB - 1 sheet of 12mm ply - 12 2x4'' timber 1183mm Ramp dimensions: - 3ft tall - 6ft 3inches long - 8ft radius ENJOY!

D.I.Y Backyard Mini Ramp!


Building a backyard skateboard half pipe! Today my friends Codey, Aiden, Tasman, Devon, Ethan and I do something that we been wanting to do for a long time and that is making our own private backyard mini ramp/halfpipe! I'm so stoked hahah it really is a childhood dream come true! oh actually not even a childhood dream... its a DREAM some true haha! Theres no room for a ramp like this at my house to we made it in Aiden's family's barn which is a perfect locations because its protected from the weather which means we can ride it rain or shine! The whole ramp ended up costing around $5500 NZD which is pretty much what we thought it would cost! I wanted to create a similar vibe to the famous "Pink Motel" bowl so we painted the whole thing candy pink and added a blue and white banner to simulate the look of pool tiles! I think it turned out amazing! Couldn't be more happy with the result! Ya know I'v been making fingerboard ramps for a while now so thought I would try my hand at the real thing! Hope you enjoyed the video! If you did make sure to like, subscribe and come back for the next one! Yeeewww! PORK FINGERBOARDS AVAILABLE NOW: 🤍 NEW MERCH HERE: 🤍 PRE-SAVE LazyJax new song coming out on friday (the song during the skating part) : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍llazy.jax CHECK OUT OUR PODCAST! SPOTIFY: 🤍 APPLE PODCAST: 🤍 GOOGLE PODCAST: 🤍 INSTA: 🤍theboredpodcast_ PODCAST MERCH: 🤍 My Spotify: 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON INSTA: 🤍 SOME OF MY FAVOURITE VIDEOS I'V EVER MADE: • "I Can't Fit My Snowboard In This? shorturl.at/gpBRT • "JAPAN SNOWBOARDING!" shorturl.at/degwA • "Lego Fingerboard" shorturl.at/hjwB4 MUSICBED COPYRIGHT FREE MUSIC FOR YOUTUBE VIDEOS: 🤍 OUTRO SONG: Shell City by The Zilzies Instagram: 🤍dayvidjones Facebook: 🤍notdavidsjones Twitter: 🤍notdavidsjones Snapchat: ogsoymilk CHECK OUT MY FRIENDS! Shaun Watson: Insta - 🤍shaunwatson Kevin: Insta - 🤍SnowboardProCamp TJ: Insta - 🤍boardarchive Toby Miller: Insta - 🤍tobymiller Liv: Insta - 🤍liv.shredman Andreas Schubert: Insta - 🤍schubert_art Cameron Famularo: Insta - 🤍cameronfamularo Chris Eyres: Insta - 🤍chris.the.mountain.man Jenise Spiteri: Insta - 🤍jenisespiteri Tiarn Collins: Insta - 🤍tiarncollins Rakai: Insta - 🤍rakai_taitertot Taiaroa: Insta - 🤍lemonandtaiaroa Mitchell Davern: Insta - 🤍mitchydavern Daniel Bohinc: Insta - 🤍dmliel Levi: Insta - 🤍levimancer Thomas: Insta - 🤍thomaslh1 Emma: Insta - 🤍therealcoolstorymybro Lyon Farrel: Insta - 🤍lyonfarrell Josh O'Regan: Insta - 🤍josh_oregan Cory O'Regan: Insta - 🤍cory_oregan Luke "Lulu" Sinclair: Insta - 🤍who.the.lulu Tasman Vance: Insta - 🤍tasmanvance Matt Maniaci: Insta - 🤍mattrmaniaci

How To Build A Bank Ramp


In these fruitful days of shred, where there’s a skatepark around every corner, it seems like a lot of people don’t really need to build their own ramps, boxes, or rails anymore. To those people we say boo! The homemade ramp is a staple of every young skateboarder’s life and if you haven’t made one, then now is the time! It’s like having a private skatepark in your front yard, and if you build it right you can easily take to walls, trash cans, or tall and stackable flat bars! We teamed up with our friend Ben from Atomic Ramps in Portland, Oregon to build a sweet little wedge that Kevin could use to ride walls and Boneless all over. Check out the process we went through to whip up our ramp and if you’re stoked, there’s probably a hardware store somewhere near by! SUBSCRIBE to CCS YouTube: 🤍 Like CCS on FACEBOOK: 🤍 Follow CCS on INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Follow CCS on TWITTER: 🤍 Check the WEBSITE: 🤍 Don't Forget SNAPCHAT : CCSskate

HOW TO BUILD a Homemade JUMP RAMP w/ Perfect Launch!!! // Building DIY RC Car JUMPS Tutorial


Let's have some fun as we build a NEW homemade launch ramp for the rc cars! Our first jump came out great, so let's make another DIY project out of it! Thanks for watching :) Come join my 2nd YouTube channel EXOabigdeal for more remote control car projects and how to videos! 🤍 Follow Me Here: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check Out This Remote Control Car! 🤍 Music By: YouTube Music Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (🤍) Enjoy the tutorial? SLAP A LIKE! More EXTREME Stereo Installations Coming! This video contains affiliate links which means if you buy something through EXO's video, the channel will receive a small commission for making it! Thank You :) Building DIY RC Car Jump Ramps | EASY Tutorial EXOcontralto Bassheads Unite 2020

How to build a bowl - skate park or ramp


Building a skateboard ramp bowl is one of the best things to skate. But, they've very tricky to construct. Watch as we have a step by step process of how to build your bowl by using the proper drills, saws and wooden materials. Please visit our website 🤍 Subscribe for more videos: 🤍



I built a mini ramp at my house and it's seriously a dream come true. Thanks SO MUCH to Keen Ramps, they made the process so easy. Check out their products at 🤍. Also big thanks to 🤍JP Coovert for the help, be sure to subscribe to him for some awesome vids! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload! Buy my merch! 🤍 Buy my music merch! 🤍 Subscribe to my gaming channel! 🤍 Subscribe to my music channel! 🤍 My EP is now available on iTunes and all streaming services. Just search 'The Farewell Friend' :) Instagram - 🤍samueltabor Twitter - 🤍bamueltabes Tik Tok - 🤍samtabor Get some ReVive gear! 🤍

DIY Handicap / wheelchair access ramp


How to make a access ramp for elderly, handicap, and wheelchairs. ADA slope recommendations and more.



I show you how to build a huge ramp and send it with the most insane urban MTB freeride setup I've ever built!! I put the ramp in a multi story carpark and try to jump up to the next level! I show you how to build an 8ft MTB kicker ramp similar to the size you see at slopestyle contests and then take it to a multi story carpark in an attempt to jump up a level and see what tricks I can perform! The ramp took around 1 hour 30 mins to build and then I rushed into to town with the ramp on a trailer. I then squeezed into the same carpark that I did the MTB drift video at and made the huge step up jump. It was all quite rushed do the timing but it ended up being an insane setup and I will definitely get this ramp out again soon!! Unfortunately half way through I messed up with the microphone but ended up saving it thanks to the GoPro!! Would you hit the ramp? I hope you enjoy the video! MERCH: 🤍 - Welcome to my channel, I'm a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013). This channel is all about Mountain biking, I make a huge variety of videos for everyone who loves dirt: From downhill biking to slower paced trials riding and everything in between like dirt jumping, slopestyle and enduro! As well as making entertaining videos(I hope) I also like to help YOU out too, with videos such as: - How to ride better - Trick tips and How to's - Travel VLOGS - GoPro camera tips - In-depth entertaining features - POV craziness - Funny videos I also try to reply to everyone so leave some comments too!

Building a Wheelchair Ramp


Get SSL Family Merchandise here - 🤍 .$.99 organic seeds - 🤍 - use this link for $.10 off! Please check us out at 🤍sslfamilyfarm.com Find recommended products on Amazon - 🤍 and follow us on.... 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍 Country Cue 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (🤍 Artist: 🤍 Any links here may be Affiliate links

How To Build A Skate Ramp.


Get a ramp of your own at 🤍 ! Thanks to Garrett for making these! It's such a perfect ramp.



Today im building my new bike park start ramp! my bike park diy self build project in the garden is called mainland! just for fun haha!! this so far has taken 2 days! i can say im destroyed haha! hyped to ride bikes bmx and mtb on this thing!!!! ownaofficial.com

How to build Simple Quick Ramp


I needed a simple quick ramp for my garden shed to allow me to drive my riding mower in .

Ramp For My Shed!


This week I build a ramp for my shed. Please subscribe to my channel so you never miss a new episode!

Building a Family Bike & Skate Ramp


Today we build a family-friendly kicker ramp for bicycles, skateboards, and scooters. The family ramp is fun for all ages, easy to move, and still capable of some serious boost! Because the curve does involve a little trial and error, I'm leaving rough measurements and materials below. Have fun, and improvise to make your ramp even better than mine. MATERIALS 1 4x8 sheet of plywood 23/32 4 2x3's 1 5/8 drywall screws OPTIONAL MATERIALS Sheet metal Casters Finishing washers MANDATORY TOOLS Drill Jigsaw OPTIONAL TOOLS Circular saw or Mitre Saw Sander Metal cutting blades for jigsaw DIRECTIONS Trace the shape of your ramp on the plywood. Mine was 6 feet long and 1 foot high, with the main transition being 4 feet and the back slope at 2. Use the first cut to trace the second, and make sure to use as little of the plywood as possible. If you do it tightly and neatly, you can get a 28" wide surface out of the rest of it. Cut your beams 1 inch shorter than the surface. I my case the beams were 27" since the surface was 28". Cut as many beams as you can out of the 2x3's, and use them to frame out the ramp. Use two on the bottom and the rest on the transition. Use two drywall screws per beam. Soak the plywood water, or keep it wet for 2 hours. Lay it flat on the ramp, fasten one end with 4 screws, and work your way up the ramp beam by beam. Bend it slowly and use patience, spraying it down if need be. Going too fast or using too tight of a curve will cause the wood to break. Cut a piece of sheet metal as wide as the ramp, take off the sharp edges with a file or grinder, and screw it into the bottom of the ramp using the finishing washers. If you are only riding this with bicycles then this may not be necessary, however it does protect the bottom of the ramp. The easiest way to add casters to the ramp is to screw 3 of them into the side in a triangle configuration. By tilting the ramp on to the casters, you can wheel it around. Optionally, you can add a handle or cutout to make this easier. Thanks to my sponsors for helping make this video possible Box Components Diamondback Bicycles Slime Sealant And thanks to additional contributors Ryobi Tools 🤍 #RYOBINationRocks Park Tool Company My Channel Sponsors Diamondback 🤍 Box Components 🤍 Slime Tubeless Sealant 🤍



This is our demonstation on how to make a D.I.Y quater pipe, 2ft high by 6ft wide. It took about 2 hours to make the ramp and it costs about $250 AUD. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and the skating. Comment down below on what you think about the video and subscribe down below if you like this video and want to see more. Check out our other d.i.y skate build tutorials. Song: Chuki Beats - CLOCK

5 Simple Ways To Make a Ramp Out Of Wood | Making Mini Kickers From Scrap


How do you jump a bike with wood? In this video, Blake Samson shows you how almost anyone can make a portable kicker ramp out of scrap wood! Great fun for MTB or BMX riders in an empty car park or open space (*Make sure it's safe and there are no cars!) Subscribe to Global Mountain Bike Network: 🤍 Explore our new GMBN T-shirts and more! 🤍 Follow us on Instagram or Facebook! 🤍globalmountainbikenetwork & sign up to the GMBN newsletter: 🤍 Submit your content to our uploader: 🤍 we love to check out what you have been up to and may feature it on the show! Have you ever built a simple ramp out of scrap wood? Let us know 👇 Watch more on GMBN... 📹 Build A Mini Kicker - 🤍 📹 Features Playlist - 🤍 🎵 Music - licensed by Artlist seductive by evgeny-bardyuzha #GMBN #MountainBiking #MountainBike #MTB #BikeLife #Cycling Click here to buy GMBN T-shirts, hoodies and more: 🤍 The Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN) is the world’s largest and fastest-growing online mountain bike channel and community – and your destination for the best mountain bike content in the world. GMBN is dedicated to inspiring and unlocking your riding potential. Our videos cater to fans of every mountain bike discipline: from mile-munching cross-country (XC) riders, through adrenaline-fuelled dirt jumpers, gravity-hungry downhillers or aspiring enduro racers, and beyond. Every day of every month, our ex-pro presenting team are on hand to entertain and inspire you while also providing a uniquely qualified insight into the world of mountain biking. Every week we deliver original daily video that include: Adventurous and entertaining features Mountain bike skills coaching Technical advice and guidance Mechanical know-how to keep you rolling A place for the riding community with our weekly Dirt Shed Show Thanks to our sponsors: Canyon Bikes: 🤍 Nukeproof Bikes: 🤍 Park Tool: 🤍 POC helmets and eyewear: 🤍 Crankbrothers Pedals: 🤍 Shimano Footwear: 🤍 Dainese Protection: 🤍 Ergon: 🤍 Vittoria Tires: 🤍 FSA: 🤍 e*thirteen: 🤍 Topeak: 🤍 Garmin: 🤍 Muc-Off - 🤍 Crankbrothers Seatposts: 🤍 Komoot: 🤍 YouTube Channel - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 GMBN Shop - 🤍 GMBN Tech - 🤍 EMBN - 🤍 Leave us a comment below!

How to Make a Portable Skateboard Ramp | DIY | Great Home Ideas


If you or your kids are into skateboarding, why not make them their own portable ramp? Adam Dovile shows you how. Click here to subscribe: 🤍 Welcome to Great Home Ideas, where you’ll find inspiring home makeovers, delicious recipes, quick & easy DIY projects, design & gardening ideas, plus hints, tips, how tos and advice on pets, health, tech and more. Check out our channel & subscribe to see more videos like this one every day of the week.

Steel Ramp Build - Jimbos Garage


Jimbo fabricated these metal ramps out of some angle iron and diamond plate for a friend who has an RV. The plastic ramps just don't last and in this case were finished. This project took some time but in the end it turned out great. Don’t forget to Subscribe! 🤍 Watch more woodworking videos, including a Garage Shelf Build, here: 🤍 Check out Jimbo’s Metal Working videos here: 🤍 FOLLOW JIMBO! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Jimbo's Garage is a channel to find the how to's of welding, wood & other fun projects. Also see reviews on popular tool brands like HILTI, DEWALT, MIKITA, RYOBI and more!

Portable kicker ramp for BMX or MTB


Subscriber ramps: 🤍 In another video we built a kicker ramp with a little down slope for beginners. That ramp now lives at Virginia Key Mountain Bike Park in Miami, right next to the teeter totter. It works exactly as designed, and the kids love it. This ramp will live a happy life, and teach many riders how to get air for the first time. If you haven’t seen the video on that ramp, check the description for a link. People have been asking me to build a bigger ramp, but that’s not going to happen until I have a place to put one. Even the last ramp was a pain to haul around. If I had a place to put a bigger ramp, I’d probably be building a dirt jump as we speak. In fact, what I really need is a smaller ramp that I can bring places. This would get far more use, and be an important prop in future videos. Let’s build one right now. We’re buying one sheet of plywood because that’s the minimum amount we can get. We’re going to have a ton of wood left over. Because this ramp is small enough to bring indoors or leave in the trunk of a car, I don’t need pressure treated plywood or stainless hardware. James is here to help me again, and to make sure that we’re following all safety precautions. First we’ll trace the sides of the ramp on the plywood. It’s 3 feet long, 12 inches high, and has a downslope 6 inches from the end. This sloped part looks useless, but it’s there to stabilize the ramp and keep it from flipping forwards when you hit it going fast. To trace a nice mellow curve, we’ll use the PVC pipe method. This bend should give us a pretty serious pop, without being too steep for mountain bike wheels. Now that we’re done tracing, we’ll cut out the shape with a jigsaw. Tracing another piece from the first one will ensure that both sides are identical. With a chop saw, we’ll make our 16 inch cross bars from this 2x4. These will be fastened to the sides with deck screws to create the frame of the ramp. To cut our surface, we need to measure the curve, and add a couple of inches to the end. With a flexible ruler, this is an easy task. As is the case with plywood, it bends easily and stays in place with screws. A little sanding, and our portable kicker ramp is ready to ride. As you can see, we’ve barely used any wood compared to our last project. Time to go for a ride. I actually don’t know many BMX tricks, but maybe this ramp will give me the opportunity to learn some. This ramp turned out so lightweight, that I can carry it on my bike fairly easily. With a bike trailer, transport would be even easier. This gives us the opportunity to make any downslope into a landing, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more places to set this up. If you want to build this ramp I think it’s easy enough by just looking at what we did here, but I left some basic measurements in the description. Yours can be longer, wider, or steeper, but I think that this size is a pretty nice balance for portability. If you’ve already built the last ramp, or even a ramp influenced by the videos on this channel, hashtag it so we can all admire it. Better yet, post a video clip! #SBHramp Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time. Here's the old ramp: 🤍 MEASUREMENTS Height: 12 inches Width: 16 inches Length (bottom): 36 inches Length (top): 30 inches So the slope at the back of the ramp starts 6 inches from the end. This part makes the ramp more stable by adding some footing. MATERIALS Some plywood. 1/2" or 9/16" is fine One 2x4 Drywall or deck screws, not too long: 1 5/8" is good TOOLS Jigsaw Drill Chop saw or circular saw is nice, but you could use the jigsaw in a pinch. Get the Seth’s Bike Hacks Face Stickers! 🤍 Free Shipping

How to build a handicap ramp. Q/A


This is a how too VIDEO. I will explain the fundamentals of building a handicap ramp. + Q/A HANDYMAN VIDEO! OH YEAH!

45 Degree Ramp Build


#rccars #rc I show how I build a 45 degree ramp along with a 30 degree ramp, then I get a few jumps in.

How to build a lawnmower ramp


Tesla Solar Link: 🤍 I show you how to build a little ramp for the shed. Could be used for lawnmower or you can make a ramp for entering a slightly elevated house. I look forward to reading your comments on ways to improve my videos. Shot with Canon SX740HS A big Thanks from the QCR team DeWalt Drill on Amazon: 🤍 DeWalt Cordless saw on Amazon: 🤍 Stanley Fat Max on Amazon: 🤍

How To Build A Mini Ramp with Billy Rohan


Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to build a mini ramp with pro skater Billy Rohan. If you've got a bunch of pro-skateboarder friends and you're splurging on a giant birthday party for yourself, it goes without saying that you're going to need a half-pipe. That's why Billy Rohan, a NYC skateboarder, came by VICE's 15th anniversary party two days early bearing lumber, power tools, and an entourage of eager skater guys and girls. From there it was a hurried flurry of plywood shavings and bandsaw screechings as Billy walked us step-by-step through the building of a mini ramp that can service a couple thousand partygoers. Think of this little how-to number as the This Old Ramp edition of Epicly Later'd. Originally released in 2010 on 🤍 Check out more skateboarding videos here: 🤍 Subscribe for videos that are actually good: 🤍 Check out our full video catalog: 🤍 Videos, daily editorial and more: 🤍 Like VICE on Facebook: 🤍 Follow VICE on Twitter: 🤍 Read our tumblr: 🤍

Building a ramp for a shed, how I did it.


A bit unconventional method of building a ramp for a shed, but it works. I wanted the strongest, most durable ramp I could create. This is what I wound up with. Enjoy.

How to Build a Lawn Mower Ramp


For this project I’m using treated lumber, 2 x 4‘s for the framing and 5/4" x 6" decking. I’ll build the frame first using 3 inch deck screws as fasteners and then level the frame on the ground. I filled the framing with three-quarter inch bluestone to provide a little more support for the weight of the lawnmower and also to help with drainage. My Tool Store: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Jon Peters Merchandise: 🤍 Subscribe to my other YouTube Channels: Jon Peters Shop Talk: 🤍 Make It In Vermont: 🤍 Two River TV: 🤍 #DIY, #woodworking,#homeimprovement

DIY Wheelchair Ramp - How to Build


Tools - Drill & Impact Driver: 🤍 - Pocket Hole System: 🤍 - Table Saw: 🤍 - Circular Saw: 🤍 - Jigsaw: 🤍 - Brad Nailer: 🤍 - Belt Sander: 🤍 - Ruler: 🤍 - Digital Angle Ruler: 🤍 - Clamps: 🤍 Supplies | Materials - String: 🤍 - 2x4x8 Lumber: 🤍 - OSB Boards: 🤍 - 1/2" Plywood: 🤍 - 1.25" Screws: 🤍 - 2.5" Pocket Screws: 🤍 - 2x6x8: 🤍 - Wood Glue: 🤍 - White Paint - Carpet DIY Blog: 🤍 Essential Safety Gear: - Safety Glasses: 🤍 or 🤍 - Hearing Protection: 🤍 or 🤍 - Dust Mask: 🤍 or 🤍 - Respirator: 🤍 or 🤍 Video Equipment - - Compact Camera - 🤍 - Travel Camera: 🤍 - Mirrorless Camera - 🤍 - Small Tripod - 🤍 - Regular Tripod: 🤍 - Slider - Konova Camera Slider Dolly K2 60cm (23.6 Inch) 🤍 - Drone - 🤍 - Lighting: 🤍 - Social Media - Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Music: Finally by Loxbeats 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 Disclaimer: These videos are intended for entertainment and inspiration only. Woodworking and making stuff is dangerous. Always seek professional advice and training before using any power tools. If you have any uncertainty before performing any woodworking or fabricating procedure, stop and learn a safer method. Do not attempt anything simply because you saw it in one of my videos. Summary: be smart, use common sense, and respect your power tools. This description contains affiliate links. This helps support the channel and allows me to make more DIY videos. Thank you for the support! Items I received at no cost / sponsorship include (some of which I may not use in the video): 1. Ryobi Power Drill 2. Ryobi Router 3. Ryobi Circular Saw 4. Ryobi Impact Driver 5. HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer 6. WeatherWash Oaked Stain & Maintenance Oil 7. Ryobi Belt Sander 8. Ryobi 12" Sliding Miter Saw 9. Ryobi Wet Saw

How to Make a $100 DIY Skatepark Ramp for Beginners in 2 Hours


You've asked so you shall receive, bringing you another ramp building tutorial for all you lovers of building your very own ramps. This and our previous video will give you a good idea on how to build the perfect kicker ramp at your own house. Become a member with Undialed for exclusive content, and seeing Undialed videos before anyone else! 🤍 PO BOX- 2820 S. Alma School Rd, Ste 18 #163 Chandler AZ, 85286 FREE DOWNLOADABLE MUSIC-🤍 Check out our Social Media _ Instagram- 🤍Undialed 🤍UndialedFB 🤍UndialedFails 🤍ClaytonLindley 🤍WhiteTrashWilly Twitter- 🤍UndialedTv Facebook- /undialedtv _ Want some of the best products in the game? Well all you have to do is head over to 🤍undialed.co and you can purchase as many as you would like. Want your favorite Root Scooter parts? Use code "Undialed" at check out from 🤍 to save 10% on your entire order! 🤍 Undialedbusiness🤍gmail.com to send in your edits! Want a helmet? Use code "Undialed" at check out at 🤍 _ Thank you guys for watching! It would mean the entire world to us if you guys were to share this video! Also if you were to Subscribe to our YouTube and follow all the links as you saw above! Our video Playlist can help you decide which great video you want to watch first! Checks- 🤍 Skits- 🤍 Shredding- 🤍

How to Build a Small Skateboard Ramp!!!


Want to build a quarter pipe? This video will explain how and will also help you avoid some of the common mistakes. What you will need: - 1 sheet 3/4" plywood - 1 sheet 3/8" plywood - 48"x48" piece of masonite/hardboard/skatelite - 4 eight foot long 2x4 - 1 eight foot long 1x4 - four foot piece of coping 1.5" to 2.5" Here are some Amazon links to links to screws and tools you might need. As an Amazon Associate I will earn a small commission from purchases through these links. Thanks for the support! -2.5" philips screws 🤍 -drywall screw for masonite 🤍 -circular saw 🤍 -jigsaw 🤍 -good drill/driver set 🤍 -drill bits 🤍 -countersink 🤍 Patreon: 🤍



GO FOLLOW: Alfie Deyes - 🤍 Ryan Taylor - 🤍 Massive thanks to the guys above for the footage, keep making great content! Four One Four Skateparks in a team with Alfie Deyes and his friends building one of our Self Build Mini Ramp Kits at Alfie's backyard. Ryan Taylor and other mates turn up, session the ramp and give the thumbs up 👍 Our Website - 🤍414.skateparks.com Our Ramp Shop - 🤍 Skate, Scoot, BMX, Ramp Kits, Designed for Self Build Simple & Fast assembly - CNC Machined Birch. Every beam slides into a CNC recess positioning them in exactly the right places to support the plywood joins and form the smoothest radius. The design has been refined every year, we now have perfection. Highest Quality in every aspect from design through to the materials supplied. You will not need to purchase any other materials. Every Part is supplied.. Every part is ready cut to fit. Build time 1-2 days.

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