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Houdini Indie for Game Dev


As an indie game developer, your goal is to create professional-quality work with a small team and tight budget. Houdini Indie helps you accomplish this by making all the features of Houdini FX much more affordable. Learn more at 🤍 GAMES FEATURED Planet Alpha | Adrian Lazar Ary & the Secret of Seasons | eXiin I’m Titanium | Storm GS Trailmakers | Flashbulb Games Suki & the Shadow Klaw | Feline Arts THANKS ALSO TO.... Marina Alexandra Bade Alex Dracott Kenny Lammers | IndiePixel Michael Pavlovich

Houdini Engine Now Free!


Houdini Engine is now completely free for Unreal Engine and Unity developers. Houdini enables you to make massive procedural animations, special effects, 3D scenes and more, and the Houdini Engine is a runtime enabling you to use them in your game engine or 3D tool of choice. With this change, Unity and Unreal Developers can now use Houdini Engine completely free! Link: 🤍 - *Support* : 🤍 *GameDev News* : 🤍 *GameDev Tutorials* : 🤍 *Discord* : 🤍 *Twitter* : 🤍 -

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Before you can use our procedural modeling tools in your host application you have to install the houdini engine. Its not as trivial as you might think. So made a short video about the installation and licensing process. Works with the sidefx houdini engine 18 for maxon cinema 4d, autodesk 3ds max, maya, unity, unreal and houdini. get our assets here: 🤍

3ds Max / Maya / Houdini / INDIE Licenses


Exclusive content on my patreon: 🤍 My webpage: 🤍 We have cheaper alternative to costly commercial 3d licenses for the most used 3d applications, they are called "Indie" licenses. They allow in the most part to do exactly the same but obviously they have some restrictions. On this video we will see 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini Indie licenses. What are the differences between them, the similarities, when you can use them, when you can not use them and how much they cost. I will provide examples, and I hope this help people understand better this type of licenses. All the information provided on this video is extracted from their respective webpages, and as well I mail the companies directly to get a better overview of the restrictions. But if you have any question involving your specific use of a license, always make your own research to be sure you are using the software without breaking any rule. Links with indie information: 3dsMax Indie: 🤍 Maya Indie: 🤍 3dsMax / Maya FAQ webpage: 🤍 Houdini Indie: 🤍 Houdini EULA: 🤍 musicby Sakura HZ : Chill 🤍

HOUDINI 101 - 01 - Installing Houdini


This video describes the process of installing Houdini and the Houdini Engine for complete beginners to the program. 🔽🔽🔽 LEARN MORE 🔽🔽🔽 In this first Lecture Series of the Foundation Module, learn the basics of Houdini and how to use it with the Unreal Engine for video game development. These tutorials are beginner friendly and cover knowledge and concepts vital to getting started with Houdini. Even if you are already familiar with Houdini you can still pick up tips and advice about Houdini from this Lecture. If you want to get started with the main project of this Module, I recommend you watch the second Lecture series in the Foundation Module called the FOUNDATION PROJECT, where we will build a procedural building modeling tool from scratch for the Unreal Engine. Full Course Playlist: 🤍 - These lectures are part of the larger Houdini "Procedural Asset Production" Masterclass currently in development and to be released in stages over the course of 2021/2022. To learn more: 🤍 - Timestamps: 00:00:00 - How to Download Houdini 00:04:00 - Installing Houdini 00:07:00 - Installing the Houdini Engine 00:09:10 - How to get a Free Houdini Engine Indie License - This Lecture and the masterclass as a whole, are developed thanks to the support from my Patreon backers, who receive daily/weekly updates on the course development as well as many other benefits, such as Houdini Coaching or Mentoring. Patreon supporters also get Early access to Lecture Video uploads and build up discounts for future modules of the masterclass. If you are interested in the "Procedural Asset Production" Masterclass, feel free to click on the links below. ✉ Stay updated: 🤍 📢 Join the Discord Community: 🤍 👍 Support me on Patreon: 🤍

Houdini 18 speed modelling || Creation of a Medieval Town in Houdini 18


Houdini speed modelling tutorial 18 || Creation of a Medieval Town in Houdini 18 This project was inspired by this video - 🤍 project files - 🤍 ( 1$ ) modelling a dininghall procedural - 🤍 watch in realtime part 1 - 🤍 part 2 - 🤍 part 3 - 🤍 houdini modelling tutorial, houdini modelling tools, procedural modelling houdini, houdini character modelling, modeling in houdini, houdini character modeling, houdini procedural modelling, procedural modeling in houdini, procedural modeling houdini, houdini 3d modelling, houdini 3d modeling, houdini 3d software Houdini tutorial 3d modelling 2019|| 3d modelling houdini fx,houdini tutorial,houdini tutorial beginner,houdini tutorial in hindi,houdini tutorialbasics,houdinitutorialdestruction,houdini tutor

Video games Created using Houdini


SideFx Houdini is one best 3D packages that many artists use to create stunning VFX work, but probably you don't know that it was used by many indie and AAA studios to help them work on some the best video games of the last decade. even though Houdini is not always the primary 3D program in production pipelines it played a very important role in finishing many video games in time with the highest quality possible. in this video we will see how Houdini was used in many indie and AAA video game titles. Check out the Blog post: 🤍 *Check out these amazing Blender Addons* ⍟Modeling: Kit Ops 2 Pro 🤍 Hard Ops 🤍 Fluent 🤍 Box cutter 🤍 Mesh Machine 🤍 Cablerator 🤍 shipwright 🤍 ⍟Architecture/Rendering CityBuilder 3D 🤍 scatter 🤍 Botaniq Tree Addon 🤍 Sketch Style 🤍 E-Cycles 🤍 K-cycles 🤍 Grasswald 🤍 Photographer 🤍 ⍟VFX, Simulations & Dynamics Flip fluids 🤍 Khaos 🤍 Carl's Physics 🤍 RBDLab Addon 🤍 Spyderfy 🤍 ⍟Materials/Texturing Extreme Pbr 🤍 Bpainter 🤍 ⍟ Cloth Simulation: Simply Cloth 🤍 ⍟UV unwrapping Zen Uv 🤍 Uv Toolkit 🤍 Uvpackmaster 🤍 ⍟Rigging&Animation: Human Generator 🤍 Auto-Rig Pro 🤍 Animax 🤍 voxel heat diffuse skinning 🤍 ⍟Retopology Retopoflow 🤍 Check out the Blogpost:Visit our Website: 🤍 inspirationTuts 2D Channel: 🤍 inspirationTuts CAD Channel: 🤍 Help Us Create More Content: 🤍 Facebook page 🤍 - *Check out these amazing Courses* A-Z Environment Design using Trim Sheets: 🤍 SciFi Weapon Design in Blender - REMASTERED: 🤍 SciFi Mech Design in Blender: 🤍 The ULTIMATE Guide to Hard Ops and Boxcutter: 🤍 The BlenderBros Hard Surface Game Asset Course: 🤍 Essential Techniques for UV Unwrapping in Blender: 🤍 NITROX3D Full Course: 🤍 Disclaimer: Some links here are affiliate links that help us create more content. Thanks in advance for using our links

LearnDay Episode 46: Houdini Indie 4K


LearnDay A webinar series EVERY WEDNESDAY with different topics, you can as ANY question and I'll help you live. Today we'll talk about the new Houdini 4K more info here: 🤍 PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS ANY TIME, this webinar is FOR YOU. Support us by buying our NEW training UVs and Shading - 🤍 Understanding Fluid Solvers vol.2 - 🤍 Magical Fire FX for Film - 🤍 Support our work on Patreon, thank you 🤍 So Subscribe and tune in every week for more TRIX 🤍 Visit us if you have any question and/or want to learn more topic 🤍 thanks for watching

Houdini Engine Is Now Free + Quick Tut.!


SideFX has made the UE4 Houdini Engine and the Unity Houdini Engine free for all users. The plugins allow users to import Houdini-generated procedural assets into Unreal Engine or Unity and natively edit them within the game engine during game creation or virtual production work. █████████████████████████████████ Support Me: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Follow Me: IG- 🤍anselemnkoro / Twtr: 🤍anselemnkoro * █████████████████████████████████ Get Houdini Sidefx.com Get Houdini Engine: 🤍 GET Character Creator 3.3 - 🤍 GET HEADSHOT CC: 🤍 GET SKIN GEN: 🤍 GET ICLONE 7 - 🤍 ICLONE UNREAL LIVE LINK: 🤍 GET ACTORCORE: 🤍 GET AXYZ ANIMA 🤍 -BLENDER AWESOME ADDONS Get Nisarga 🤍 GET FractureMOD 🤍 GET Avatarz & Characters 🤍 - gumroad 🤍 - blendermarket GET PURE-SKY 🤍 Get stylized Brushes: 🤍 GET Vegetation: 🤍 Get Transportation: 🤍 GET NodeScapes: 🤍 Check out Grid Modeller for Blender: 🤍 GET QUAKE Camera Addon! 🤍 GET Clothes In Motion Get Coupon Code: 🤍 🤍 GET Physical Sky 🤍 GET TREE BOTANIQ ADDON! 🤍 SHADER BUNDLE 🤍 GET SMUDGR PRO 🤍 EXTREME PBR WITH 1100+ MATERIALS 🤍 HDRI MAKER 2.0 🤍 CABLERATOR 🤍 PURE-SKY 🤍 GET CITY BUILDER 3D 🤍 GET KHAOS: ULTIMATE EXPLOSION 🤍 GET INTERIOR ESSENTIALS 🤍 GET TRAFFIQ ADDON: 🤍 GET TRUE TERRAIN: 🤍 GET ANIMATION LAYER FOR BLENDER 🤍 🤍 SCATTER 🤍 GET Avatarz & Characters 🤍 - gumroad 🤍 - blendermarket GET TRUE SPACE: 🤍 GET FREE 3D CONTENTS HERE: 🤍 GET3D UPDATES HERE: 🤍 If you want to help me create more videos, you can by supporting me with anything on patreon. 00:00 Houdini/Houdini Engine Overview 04:08 Quick Intro to Houdini 06:47 Creating Houdini Digital Asset 09:33 Testing Houdini Engine in Unity 10:38 Free Houdini Stuff #tutorial #digital_asset #houdini #asknk 3ds max, batch processing, Cinema 4D, FAQs, free, game art, game development, Game Engine, Houdini, Houdini 18.5, Houdini Core, Houdini Engine, Houdini Engine for UE4, Houdini Engine for Unity, Houdini Engine Indie, Houdini FX, indie artist, indie studio, Maya, price, render farm, SideFX, system requirements, UE4, Unity, Unreal Engine, virtual production

Первая неделя в HOUDINI


Houdini houdini впечатления houdini 1 месяц houdini после 1 недели vfx худини гудини симуляции vfx houdini для начинающих геймдев разрушения ригинг в houdini как начать делать игры что нужно для своей игры как создаются игры симуляция воды в играх симуляция воды в 3д гайд по houdini лучшие 3д программы сравнение худини и блендер houdini как выучить houdini как начать blender против houdini blender как начать houdini обучающие ролики blender для начинающих houdini для начинающих

"You need a PHD to Learn Houdini 3D"


Learn how to make beautiful trees, fluffy grass, and sweeping landscapes with my brand new Unreal Engine for Beginners course: 🤍 Check out my other courses: 🤍 Is Houdini 3D hard to learn? For anyone familiar with SideFX’s Houdini, it can be quite a loaded question... There’s no doubt that it is one of the most robust software for digital content creation out there, but to better understand this question, we have to dig deeper into “What is Houdini?”, and “What are you using it for?”. Video Edited by Nicolo Bacialli Thumbnail: 🤍 Follow me: 🌎 Website: 🤍 🎥 YouTube: 🤍 🐣 Twitter: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 👑 Patreon: 🤍 🎨 Discord: 🤍

Никогда не скачивай Houdini


Мой Discord канал: 🤍 Мой Телеграмм канал: 🤍 #houdini Всем привет! Сегодня я вам расскажу о плюсах и минусах Houdini и почему на неё нужно переходить. Надеюсь вам понравится видос и вы поставите лайк) Ссылки на соц. сети - Telegram: 🤍 - Boosty: 🤍 - Discord: 🤍 - Вк группа: 🤍

Houdini Indie For Steam


Steam Link : 🤍 ABOUT THIS SOFTWARE As an indie game dev you are faced with the challenge of building bigger and richer worlds with smaller teams and limited resources. Houdini Indie’s procedural workflow can help you keep up as you automate repetitive tasks, making it easier to quickly generate larger amounts of high quality content. PROCEDURAL WORKFLOW Houdini Indie provides you with a procedural pipeline-in-a-box where all the steps needed to set up a model or game level are represented by networks of nodes. These nodes can be maintained deep into production, making last minute creative decisions easy. SHAREABLE ASSETS Networks can be wrapped up into Digital Assets which can be loaded into the Unity® or Unreal Engine® game engines using the Houdini Engine plug-ins. There is also Houdini Engine plug-ins for Autodesk® Maya® and Autodesk® 3ds Max.® Your Houdini Indie license will let you work with these plug-ins on your computer while your teammates use the free Houdini Engine Indie to load Houdini Digital Assets into host applications. GAME DEV TOOLS Houdini Indie gives you access to the Game Development Toolset, a collection of over 100 shelf tools and assets designed to speed up game dev workflows. Developed by expert Technical Artists at SideFX, these tools range from managing LOD creation, UV mapping, and texture baking to generating vertex animation textures for a wide range of FX. MODELING Whether you are modeling by hand or working procedurally, Houdini Indie helps you create large models faster than ever before. The modeling tools in Houdini Indie make it easier to create good surface topology for use in games and VR, and can be used interactively in the viewport or procedurally in the Network editor. Choose from a wide variety of polygon, NURBS, and Subdivision Surface modeling tools and use procedural techniques to set up instancing that ensures an efficient deployment of geometry in your game.

Blender and Houdini Indie Throne Model


After a long hiatus I'm back! Quick block-in and detail pass of a throne idea. Created in Blender with a quick detail pass and lighting / turntable rig in Houdini indie. Subscribe for more videos on making 3D Content! #A3D #MiniTute #Unity #Beginner - Handy ZBrush Tools! Prepare your models for baking quicker with this Batch Rename and Colorize Tool: 🤍 - Handy Maya Tools! Take the pain out of renaming lots of objects quickly and easily with this dockable Maya panel: 🤍 - Handy Substance Tools! Working on a lot of projects? Manage lots of different Substance files in one dockable panel with this handy plugin: 🤍 - Handy Blender tools! Blender Viewport Navigation Helper- Pie menu with lots of handy camera controls: 🤍 A3D Quick Tools- A collection of 20+ tools to make modelling in Blender faster. 🤍 Music: Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍 -

Lucen: Indie gamedev with Houdini and UE4 | Kristian Kebbe | HOUDINI HIVE GAMEDEV


A breakdown of how Houdini is being used as the primary DCC for creating game assets in Lucen, a solo developed indie title. From modeling, to animation, to VFX and Houdini engine, this presentation covers the ins and outs of how Houdini is being used in all facets of Lucen’s game asset creation. Kristian Kebbe is a game developer and FX artist. Previously having worked in blockbuster VFX on titles such as Aquaman, Spiderman: Far from Home, and Captain Marvel, he is now pursuing solo game development with his first title, Lucen.

How to install "Houdini Indie Engine License" for Cinema 4D


★★★★★★ See the video at the link below that is more clearly explained! 🤍 This video will be deleted soon. ★★★★★★ Install Free Houdini Engine for Cinema 4D. Then, you can use houdini power in Cinema4D! Before following this video, please sign up for the sidefx site(🤍) and proceed with the "Houdini Indie Engine" purchase process. (There is no payment process as it is free.) 🤍 Do not download the installation file from the site, but be sure to download the installer through the Cinema4D menu. * In R20 and earlier, the menu is named Pipeline, not Extensions. * In R20 and earlier, You need the latest version of license administrator. Do not uninstall the version you are using and download the latest version from sidefx.com, And then install it additionally. The license administrator is updated by installing the latest version. 🤍 Example free HDA is below link. 🤍 Thanks for watching!

duvido você não gostar dessa música | 0 a 10 - Eli, Houdini [Indie Space]


// Disponível no Spotify 🔥 🤍 // Aqui tem clipe todo dia no #IndieTodoDia - Dia 1 a 31 de Janeiro 🚀 // Deixa o like maroto pra fortalecer (é muito importante), compartilha muito, e se inscreve no canal. Bora somar e fazer crescer ❤️‍🔥 // Ficha Técnica Áudio: - Artistas: Eli e Houdini (🤍eli_rneto // 🤍houdini_ofc) - Produção Geral: Indie Space (🤍indiespacemusic) - Beat: Houdini (🤍houdini_ofc) - Mix: Segunduu (🤍segunduu) - Master: Segunduu (🤍segunduu) - Composição:Eli e Houdini (🤍eli_rneto // 🤍houdini_ofc) - Supervisão Técnica: Indie Space (🤍indiespacemusic) // Ficha Técnica Visual: - Lyric Video: Digow (🤍d1g0uproducer) - Supervisão Técnica: Indie Space (🤍indiespacemusic) // LETRA - 0 a 10 - Na nossa conexão, te endendo com um gesto Fala como gosta, que o Eli faz resto De tanto de olhar, decorei sua feições De tanto te beijar, amei até imperfeições Ja cansei de falar, o quanto você é linda So te ver sorrindo, c melhora o meu dia Você é muito foda, é a 8° maravilha Diz o que c quer, pra eu te ter na minha vida Toda estilosa, geral para quando passa O pircing no nariz, virou a sua marca Ela é artista, sua cor é o vermelho Mas a obra-arte, é quando olha espelho E ela me odeia, quando faço coisa fofa Ela não me fala, mas eu sei que fica boba Ja fiz uma surpresa, chocolates e bobom Mas ela vai bater, quando escuta esse som Refrão×2 De 0 a 10 eu te dou um beijo Daqui em 10, eu vou te encontrar Depois da 10, é hora de desejo Você é um pensamento dificil de tirar _ #IndieTodoDia #IndieSpace #0a10

houdini indie - unreal : planes


great way to make lots of iterations of things.

Creating Indie Game Worlds | Houdini Connect


More and more indie game developers are using Houdini to build big game worlds as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn how five different indie studios from all over the world are using the power of procedural workflows to build their imaginative and vast game environments. For more info about these studios and their games, follow the links below: Flashbulb Games - Trailmakers - 🤍 TriHelix - Marshmallow Melee- 🤍 Triseum / Texas A&M LIVE Lab - Variant series - 🤍 Feline Arts - Suki & the Shadow Klaw - 🤍 House of Secrets - KIN - 🤍

Learn Houdini FX for Film and Games at Canada's #1 Indie Film School


Learn more about our Houdini Program: 🤍 🎥 Subscribe to InFocus Film School: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🎥 Learn More About Our Programs: Film Production - 🤍 Writing for Film and Television - 🤍 3D Animation and Visual Effects - 🤍 Compositing for Visual Effects - 🤍 "Should I go to film school?" is one of the most common questions asked by aspiring filmmakers and artists. Read this article to find out if film school is right for you. - 🤍 #YourFutureInFocus 🤍infocusfilmschool.com

Houdini nedir? Ne işe yarar? | 3DMadMax


Houdini nedir? Houdini, Toronto merkezli yirmi beş yaşındaki bir şirket olan Side FX tarafından geliştirilen bir 3D animasyon ve özel efektler uygulamasıdır. Houdini, film, TV, video oyunları ve sanal gerçeklik alanlarında 3D animasyonları ve 3D efektleri yaratabilmek için tasarlanmıştır. Houdini film, TV, video oyunları ve sanal gerçeklik dünyalarını tek bir güçlü platformda birleştirmesi ile ün salmıştır. Side Effects’in eski amiral gemisi olarak kullanılan 3D grafik araçları paketi PRISMS, Houdini ‘nin gelişimine bir temel teşkil ettmiştir. Diğer 3D animasyon yazılımlarından farklı olarak Houdini, çalışmanızı hassaslaştırırken, model üzerinde uyguladığınız güncellemeleri yapma işini kolaylaştıran düğüm tabanlı bir prosedürel iş akışı kullanır. Maya veya Blender gibi programların aksine çalışmalarınızda önceki bir sürüme dönmeyi ve eski sürüm üzerinden güncelleme yapmanıza olanak sağlar. Houdini temel olarak dinamik ortamlar ve parçacık efektleri için kullanılırken, modelleme, canlandırma veya oluşturma gibi diğer alanlarda kullanmak isteyen sanatçılar için eksiksiz bir araç seti de içerir. Houdini tam olarak ne yapar? Houdini, son derece gerçekçi görsel efektlerin oluşturulmasına izin veren gelişmiş dinamik simülasyon araçları ile bilinir. Ve Houdini, küçük stüdyolar ve bireysel sanatçılar için tasarlanmış verimli bir iş akışına sahiptir. Yazılımdaki yeni verimlilik, daha az gelişmiş donanım üzerinde son teknoloji efektler elde edilebileceği anlamına gelir. Houdini’yi diğer 3D animasyon yazılımlarından gerçekten ayıran şey, işlemsel doğasıdır. Houdini’deki varlıklar genellikle bir dizi düğüm algoritması ile oluşturulur. Bu iş akışının avantajı, sanatçıların diğer programların aksine nispeten kısa adımlarla ayrıntılı nesneler oluşturmalarına izin vermesidir. Houdini özel efektlerle bilinse de, en iyi 3D modelleme programlarının sunduğu tüm araçları içerir. Houdini aynı zamanda standart geometrik modelleri ve animasyonları içerisinde barındırır. Program güçlü render motoru Mantra ile birlikte gelir , ancak Renderman gibi 3. taraf render motorlarını da destekler. Ücretsiz Houdini Sürümünü buradan indirebilisiniz: 🤍 GÖRSEL EFEKT (VFX) Dersleri Ve Öğrenme Serisi Oynatma Listesi: 🤍 Unreal Engine Dersleri Ve Temel Giriş Eğitimi Oynatma Listesi: 🤍 Abone olmak için bu linki kullanabilirsiniz: 🤍 😃😃😃😃😃 Kanalımıza destek olmak için bize katılın: 🤍 😃😃😃😃😃 Houdini özel efektlerle bilinse de, en iyi 3D modelleme programlarının sunduğu tüm araçları içerir. Houdini aynı zamanda standart geometrik modelleri ve animasyonları içerisinde barındırır. En iyi 3D Modelleme yazılımının hangisi olduğunu bilmiyorsanız: En iyi 3d modelleme yazımıza bakabilirsiniz. 🤍 Houdini tutorialları: Houdini Fx ile Su simülasyonu nasıl oluşturulur? 🤍 Başarılı Sanatsal çalışmalar Maya ve XGen ile nasıl yapılır? 🤍 Beğenebileceğiniz videolarımız: Oyun Nasıl Yapılır? : 🤍 Unreal Engien nedir? 🤍 Unreal vs Unity oyun motoru karşılaştırması: 🤍 En iyi 3D işine nasıl sahip olabilirsiniz: 🤍 En iyi 10 video oyun motoru ile ilgili yazımız: 🤍   Kanalımıza abone olmak için: 🤍 Yaratıcı Blog: 🤍 3DMADMAX Sosyal Medyada Bizi Takip Edin! Yaratıcı Blog: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍facebook.com/3DMadMax/ Instagram: 🤍instagram.com/3dmadmax2/ Twitter: twitter.com/3DMadMax2  #Houdini #houdiniNedir #VFX #houdinidersi #houdinitutorial

Blender user tries Houdini for the FIRST time!


Houdini is the holy grail of CG software and I finally tried it out. Cool stuff on Patreon: 🤍 Equally cool on Discord: 🤍 Interested in the music I use? Get Epidemic Sound free for 30 days right here: 🤍

Testing Houdini Indie - First Experiment - Procedural Rock


Thanks to Side FX for helping me out with a 2 month trial of Houdini Indie, because I am seriously considering investing in a full license later in the summer. This rock was procedurally created with Houdini using platonic shapes and booleans, and noise based processing and the texture was created in Substance Designer. Tags Houdini, SideFX, Houdini Indie, Substance Designer, Procedural Modeling, Procedural Generation

Houdini Indie fun


Por qué DEBERIAS Aprender HOUDINI?


Hola! En este video os hablo de por que deberiais estudiar Houdini y como es que este programa se esta haciendo tan popular. Comunidad de Discord! 🤍 No olvideis seguirme en mis redes sociales! 🤍 🤍 y también en mi twitch, donde estoy stremeando todos los domingos a las 20:00 (hora española) respondiendo todas vuestras preguntas 🤍 👇 Links a todo mi Equipo para grabar videos y lo que llevo en mi mochila 🎒 Mochila Manfrotto: 🤍 🔦 Sigma 16mm para canon: 🤍 🔦 Sigma 16 mm para sony: 🤍 🔭 Tripode joby gorillapod 3k pro: 🤍 🔭 Tripode manfrotto: 🤍 🎤 Microfono Neewer: 🤍 📷 Canon EOS M6 Mark II pack: 🤍 📷 Canon EOS M6 cuerpo: 🤍 🔦 Canon EF-S 10-18 mm: 🤍 🔦 Canon EF-S 18-135mm: 🤍 🔦 Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM: 🤍 ⚙️Adaptador Canon a EOS M: 🤍 ⚙️ SMALLRIG Canon m6 mark II: 🤍 #animacion #houdini #cine

001 License Types And Installation


🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

The Best 3D Modeling Workflow For Indie Game Developers #Houdini #SideFX #Rant #Overview


What IS GOOD DEV GODS! In this video I want to introduce you to THE best 3D modeling package (In my opinion) Everyone fanboys Blender, Max & Maya but if you only knew the power of the dark side!!! Houdini has one of the best workflows for hard surface modeling for indie game developers. Edit things on the fly make variations by changing a few parameters and the list goes on. With Houdini 19 dropping next month I figure it would be good to shed a little light on why I paid $400 for a 2 year indie license and will gladly continue to do so. Let me know in the comments what package you think has the best workflow and why & Dont mention prices I want to know about features and techniques. We all know blender is free dammit lol. If you have any questions or feedback dont hesitate to leave a comment or hop in my discord Discord - 🤍 Also Follow All My Socials Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍

Houdini Engine V2 - Procedural Rope Bridge


In this mini course we are going to make a procedural rope bridge in Houdini 18.5 and then use it in Unreal with Houdini Engine V2. We walk through the process of creating the HDA, how to use Handles in the Houdini Engine and end with a fully procedural Rope Bridge for game development. 0:00 HDA Overview 3:02 Setting up the HDA 15:32 Building the Planks 38:49 Building the Post Vectors 54:05 Building the Post Geo 1:11:16 Building the Ropes 1:24:13 Promoting Parameters 1:33:26 Random Plank Scale 1:46:46 Building the Tie Downs 2:03:49 Building the Knots 2:18:15 Layout UVs

Blender vs houdini and why blender doesn't stand a chance but will try anyways


Useful links: Download this project files 🤍 patreon.com/topchannel1on1 my portfolio: cgtrader.com/esmilesvfx main channel: 🤍 2nd channel: 🤍 Awesome addons i use and recommend: flip Fluids: 🤍 botaniq a library of vegetation for blender: 🤍 scatter addon: 🤍 simplyCloth addon: 🤍 puresky comes with lens flares now: 🤍 car rigpro : 🤍 boat rig pro: 🤍 over 3gb of rigged cars, boats and planes 🤍 My setup Mouse 🤍 Laptop: 🤍 2nd monitor: 🤍 Mic: 🤍 web cam: 🤍

Trash Love - Jaum, Houdini [Indie Space]


// Disponível no Spotify 🔥 🤍 // Aqui tem clipe todo dia no #IndieTodoDia - Dia 1 a 31 de Janeiro 🚀 // Deixa o like maroto pra fortalecer (é muito importante), compartilha muito, e se inscreve no canal. Bora somar e fazer crescer ❤️‍🔥 // Ficha Técnica Áudio: - Artistas: J a u m, H o u d i n i (🤍eujaum_ofc // 🤍houdini_ofc) - Produção Geral: Indie Space (🤍indiespacemusic) - Beat: J a u m (🤍eujaum_ofc) - Mix: Segunduu (🤍segunduu) - Master: Segunduu (🤍segunduu) - Composição: J a u m, H o u d i n i (🤍eujaum_ofc// 🤍segunduu) - Supervisão Técnica: Indie Space (🤍indiespacemusic) // Ficha Técnica Visual: - Lyric Video: Digow (🤍d1g0uproducer) - Supervisão Técnica: Indie Space (🤍indiespacemusic) // LETRA - Trash Love - [Refrão] A gente usa metadinha Ela tá xonada em mim Vive dizendo que é só minha E depois eu te pago skin Eu não aguento mais ser gado Viver essa porra é um porre Eu tô cansado de ser gado Trash Love, Trash Love [Houdini] Eu passei onze horas e meia Em call com ela Tirei print E postei no status Eu nunca vi ela pessoalmente Mas tenho com certeza Ela me ama Isso é um fato Só dois mil trezentos e vinte quilômetros (2320km) Que separa a gente Mas não faz mal Ela é meio reservada Não usa foto de perfil As vezes ela tosse grosso mais é normal -Oi amor -Neném que voz é essa? -A não esqueci, é a rinite [Refrão] A gente usa metadinha Ela tá xonada em mim Vive dizendo que é só minha E depois eu te pago skin Eu não aguento mais ser gado Viver essa porra é um porre Eu tô cansado de ser gado Trash Love, Trash Love [Jaum] Oi, bom dia Faz 2 minutos que não falo com você Tá sumida Todos os meus amigos querem te conhecer Todos os dias Eu saio da call pra vir falar com você Tá mais difícil Ganhar no lolzin, minha vida é morrer Eu tô sempre te comprando skin Mas você nunca vai ligar pra mim O cartão do meu pai já tá até estourado não sei oque faço Eu quero sair dessa vida mas... [Refrão Final] A gente usa metadinha Ela tá xonada em mim Vive dizendo que é só minha E depois eu te pago skin Eu não aguento mais ser gado Viver essa porra é um porre Eu tô cansado de ser gado Trash Love, Trash Love Eu tô cansado de ser gado Viver essa porra é um porre Será que eu estou sendo enganado? Trash Love, Trash Love Eu tô cansado de ser gado Viver essa porra é um porre O meu cartão foi clonado Trash Love, Trash Love _ #IndieTodoDia #IndieSpace #TrashLove

Houdini - Procedural Modeling Tips! - Finding Bridges


In this video we are going to look at how to procedural generate bridges from your paths and terrains. This is especially useful if you are building large worlds procedurally.

【Lee哥】强强联手,无缝对接!Houdini对Unity和Unreal免费开放!| 游戏开发 | 3D | 特效 | 资源分享


Houdini对使用Unity和Unreal游戏开发者们免费开放了!什么?你不知道Houdini是干什么的?那赶紧一键三连上车! Houodini对Unity和Unreal的免费插件链接: 🤍 我每周分享游戏开发幕后故事和资源,记得三连,欢迎转发,感谢关注!:)

EPC2019 | Simon Verstraete | Houdini as the main tool in an Indie studio


Presentation from Simon Verstraete (eXiin) at the Everything Procedural Conference 2019 at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Simon Verstraete from eXiin will talk about how Houdini is used in an Indie company. At eXiin Houdini is one of the main 3D programs and is used from modelling to procedural tools to animations. A few years ago the company decided to switch to Houdini and this had impact on how they work. As a result eXiin is able to work faster and produce a decent amount of content with a small team. 🤍 🤍 🤍

Houdini 18.5 - Procedural Paneling


Indie-Pixel Patreon: 🤍 In this tutorial we are going to look at a technique for creating paneling designs procedurally. This is great for things like airplanes, boats, and spaceships! Check it out! If you are looking to download the files for the project, join the indie-pixel patreon site to get access to the files: 🤍 Timestamps: Getting Setup - 00:46 Weighted Grouping - 4:41 Panel Construction - 11:43 Color IDs - 19:55 Baking & UV's - 21:51 Texturing with Quixel Mixer - 28:35 Thanks so much!

Houdini 14 Indie: Testing smoke generated from constraint data


Starting to learn Houdini Indie, and messing around with various data in DOPs. Specifically, I wanted to try out generating a dust amount on a piece of geo when a constraint breaks with a neighboring piece (dust amount scaled by the mass of the piece), but letting that dust amount come off the piece at a rate based off velocity.

【初心者向け】これから始めるHoudini ロケット編 Part1:Houdiniとは


これから始めるHoudini ロケット編 [18.5 改訂版] Part1:Houdiniとは こちらの動画では「Houdiniとは」というところから、Houdiniで出来ることや講座内で主に使用するインターフェース、ノードネットワークの階層構造についてご紹介しています。 【その他 Houdini関連動画】 以下の動画も合わせてご視聴ください! ■Houdini Fractureシミュレーショントレーニング(全7本) 🤍 ■Houdini ダイナミクス基本講座(全10本) 🤍 ■Houdini Solaris/Karmaセミナー(全5本) 🤍 ■Houdini 脱☆初心者Mantraレンダリングワークフロー(全9本) 🤍 ■これから始めるHoudini Engine(全6本) 🤍 #Houdini​ #SideFX​ #ダイナミクス

Houdini - Procedural Modeling Tips! - Finding Curvature


Howdy Guys! Here is the next procedural modeling tip! In this video we cover the techniques needed to produce the curvature effect y we see in roads. Namely the placement of objects along the sides of roads at certain curvatures. The assets used in the example are available to all Indie-Pixel Patrons. Find more tutorials and courses like this on Patreon: 🤍

PDG for Indie Gamedev | Section 3 | Video 6


Just about every large game terrain uses erosion to add more realism to the look and feel. So let’s go and add some erosion to our TOP network and provide some controls for users to tweak the look. This lesson is part of a larger collection of tutorials which you can access here along with project files: 🤍

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