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Craig Blundell Live Drum Cam Performance


Mapex Artist Craig Blundell plays "Shadow of the Hierophant" by Steve Hackett with his single-headed Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Cherry Bomb kit. “I’ve seen and heard this song performed in its entirety over many years, in progressive rock terms it’s a real classic in Steve’s incredible catalogue. Originally Phil Collins played on it masterfully and many great drummers that followed over the years have all played it wonderfully in their own style. Essentially this is the end section, 7 rotations, each one bigger than the last. It was, and is a huge honour to get to play this with Steve on this current tour.” - Craig Blundell

Steven Wilson - Soundcheck Moscow - Craig Blundell's Drum Cam - Vermillioncore


Good morning/afternoon/evening! If you get three minutes, I'd love you to watch this. I’m doing an interview in a couple of weeks in the USA for a fairly iconic drum publication, Part of the interview is going to be new video footage from my time with Steven, both backstage, on the practice pad working everything out and the odd snippet from sound check and documenting my time with him and the guys. It will talk about how it’s changed my playing and the challenges I faced both on and off the drum kit. By kind permission of Steven, here’s an "un-edited desk mix" of the 2nd half of Vermillioncore from yesterday evening's sound check in Moscow, a track that I felt extremely privileged to play and program drums to off his recent EP, 4 ½. I hope you like it, I'd be extremely grateful if you shared it, press the HD button and crank it up loud!

Craig Blundell performing at the UK Finals of the V-Drums & Loop Station Championship


You could be Champ! The search is on for this year's V-Drum World Champion. To enter the competition for a chance to win a Roland SPD-SX visit the link: 🤍 Craig Blundell playing at the V-Drums 2011 UK finals using the Roland SPD-SX and the TD-20KX V-Drums kit.

Craig Blundell's Drum Solo on Steve Hackett's "Clocks" in Zoetermeer, 24.5.2019


Craig Blundell's Drum Solo on Steve Hackett's "Clocks" in Zoetermeer, 24.5.2019

Craig Blundell - FROST* Hyperventilate


Of all the tracks I've played with Frost* this is still up there with one of my favourites. I recorded it on the Rockfield Files DVD a while back. Every time I play it I always hear something different, it has so many musical twists and turns and of course, time signatures, but its not full of shreds. This was recorded last night, one take, just having some fun with the music, nothing to serious, Its a bout 6 minutes long smile emoticon Hope you enjoy it. This is Frost* and Hyperventilate

PAISTE ARTIST - Craig Blundell


A little bit of “Double Bass Drum and Bass”? Craig is dusting off some cobwebs for a little studio session. Setup: 14” Signature Precision Hi-Hat 14” PSTX Swiss Flanger Crash 16” PSTX Swiss Thin Crash 10“/8” PSTX Splash Stack 10” PSTX Swiss Splash 14” PSTX Swiss Flanger Stack 18” PSTX Swiss Medium Crash 20” PSTX Swiss Medium Crash 22” Masters Extra Dry Ride 12“/10” PSTX Splash Stack 10” PSTX Swiss Hats More Information here: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check Paiste Artist Craig Blundell: 🤍 🤍 🤍

Craig Blundell Amazing Drum Demo Pt. 1


This is the amazing Craig Blundell, one of the most demanded session drummers in the world. In this demo from The Gadget Show Live 2010 he showcaes the fantastic V Drum intruments from Roland and makes them look really easy to use. He has an album out at the moment called Dr OkTopUs which is a very good DnB debut. If you want to hear more from Craig go to his website: 🤍 All of the instruments in this video can be found at: 🤍 Part 2: 🤍 Part 3: 🤍

Craig Blundell, LIVE with Steve Hackett; Shadow of the Hierophant


Filmed on the final leg of Steve Hackett’s Seconds Out tour, here’s Craig and the stunning track “Shadow of the Hierophant” “I’ve seen and heard this song performed in its entirety over many years, in progressive rock terms it’s a real classic in Steve’s incredible catalogue. Originally Phil Collins played on it masterfully and many great drummers that followed over the years have all played it wonderfully in their own style. Essentially this is the end section , 7 rotations, each one bigger than the last. It was, and is a huge honour to get to play this with Steve on this current tour”

Craig Blundell "Machine" Snare Drum | Mapex Black Panther Design Lab


Designed by Craig Blundell, the "Machine" snare is crafted with a Maple/Walnut shell. Special "gated" Equalizer Puresound snares create a unique clarity and the staggered lugs provide a wide tuning range with powerful projection. The Machine articulates a progressive, dynamic sound with a dark punch and drive. - 14"x5.5" Maple/Walnut Shell - 4 Air Vent Holes (Quadrant) - 45˚ SONIClear Batter Side, 35˚SONIClear Snare Side - SAS0 Satin Natural over Walnut - Staggered Locking I-Lugs - Sonic Saver Hoops - Batter: Aquarian Hi-Energy - Resonant: Aquarian Classic Clear Snare - Puresound E1416 Equalizer Series - 16 Strand - Trick Multi-Step Throwoff No missing out! Follow us on social media FB: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Steve Hackett & Craig Blundell fantastic solo on a huge drum kit, Vancouver, 2019, HD RaRe


Craig Blundell plays incredible drum solo during the concert at Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada on October 11, 2019 from the Genesis Revisited 2019 Tour. Filmed by Valeriy Orlov (Taurus Video) Official site: 🤍 Stock video library: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Steven Wilson - Home Invasion - Soundcheck - Luxembourg 2015


Taken from behind my drums, this is part of the sound-check (desk mix) on the #HandCannotEraseTour2015 in Luxembourg, featuring #StevenWilson #NickBeggs #AdamHolzman #DaveKilminster This has been filmed for a few interviews I'm doing over the next week or so. #mapexdrums #paistecymbals #aquariandrumheads #vaterdrumsticks #Roland

Craig Blundell Amazing Drum Demo Pt. 2


This is the amazing Craig Blundell, one of the most demanded session drummers in the world. In this demo from The Gadget Show Live 2010 he showcaes the fantastic V Drum intruments from Roland and makes them look really easy to use. If you want to hear more from Craig go to his website: 🤍 All of the instruments in this video can be found at: 🤍 Part 1: 🤍 Part 3: 🤍

Craig Blundell - Drum Solo (Steve Hackett) - Live at Beacon Theater, NY (04-03-22)


Steve Hackett live at the Beacon Theater in NYC, April 03, 2022. Outstanding show! Solo taken from Los Endos. All songs on this channel. Check out all my other videos and interviews on channel and please subscribe. Nad Sylvan - Vocals Roger King - Keyboards Rob Townsend - Sax, flute, percussion & keys & vocals Jonas Reingold - Bass guitar, twelve string & vocals Craig Blundell - Drums & vocals

Craig Blundell "Seconds Out" Tour RIg Build


Join us behind the scenes as we prep Craig Blundell’s “one-off”, custom Black Panther Design Lab Cherry Bomb kit ahead of the Steve Hackett tour!

Craig Blundell demos 4 cool Roland TD-27 V-Drums features for drummers


A demo with Craig Blundell on the new Roland TD-27KV V-Drums electronic drum kit launched at NAMM 2020. Steve Wilson-drummer Craig Blundell demos four major features on this electronic drumset. While Craig has been touring with musical icons in Prog-music the past years, he demos his master drum skills on breakbeats, hip hop, and adds the 80's Phil Collins sound with from the legendary Roland CR-78 on this new e-kit. As if it is nothing, he also plays a brilliant Big Band piece on the full TD-27KV drum kit as well. Everything on the new Roland TD-27KV V-Drums on Drummerszone: ➤ 🤍 Roland on Drummerszone ➤ 🤍 Craig Blundell on Drummerszone ➤ 🤍 Video index: 00:00 Intro 00:24 Real time sampling 01:14 Trigger loops 02:16 A 2nd hi-hat everywhere! 03:30 Digital snare drum Read the Fun Facts with this video: 🤍 Win free gear on Drummerszone ➤ 🤍 Follow Drummerszone on ➤ YouTube: 🤍 ➤ Twitter: 🤍 ➤ Facebook: 🤍 ➤ Instagram: 🤍 Beat your heart out! ➤ 🤍 Visit our live Drummer Index ➤ 🤍 #drummerszone #roland #vdrums #td27 #edrums #electronicdrums

Craig Blundell's Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited World Tour Drum Kit


Craig Blundell gives a tour of his drum kit for Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited world tour. Exclusively for 🤍 - the drummers' website. Shot on May 6, 2019, in Poznań, Poland. 🤍 Hi! I’m Craig Blundell and I’m delighted have come along and asked me to do a rig walkthrough for you. I’m currently on the Steve Hackett ’Genesis Revisited’ tour. I came straight off the Steven Wilson tour for 18 months. We needed a new rig, different sounds, different tones and this was basically sketched in a hotel room in Norway last year when I first got the gig. We decided that I can’t use the Steven Wilson rig. This was devised on two pieces of paper, I sent it over to Mapex and four months later it’s here on stage and it’s a thing of beauty. I’m using two kicks. It’s back to the Chester Thompson days. He’s one of my heroes and an amazing drummer. Two kicks is a new thing for me since I was like 14 so that’s pretty interesting. Toms wise, this is a Mapex Versatus. I was pretty heavily involved with this kit from the very beginning. They only have ten artists worldwide and I’m the only British guy, which is really exciting. I’ve gone for 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 16”, 18” with an 18” auxiliary drum as a gong and two 22” kicks. Having that kick setup’s taken a bit of getting used to but I’m pretty much there now. Snares wise I’m using a Mapex Wraith. It has the bark and the bite all you want but it’s controllable. It’s not one of those metal snares that’s gonna take your face off. For the last Steven Wilson tour they made me a 12” x 5” custom Saturn V Tour, but they made a one-ff snare drum for me. It sounds amazing, a real popper. It’s really, really nice. And I’ve got a Hi-Energy head on that one, Super Kicks on the kick. I’m using Aquarian Force 10s on top and Classic Clears on the bottom. I’ve been with Aquarian forever so head wise it’s been an easy choice for me. They last forever so my tech’s happy as well. I’ve got two single Mapex Falcon pedals, a single Falcon hi hat and two BOSS FS-5U pedals - the left side for the click, the right side is for all sounds off. My signature stick with Vater was 7A and that’s what I did the first leg of the Steven Wilson tour with. Then, I found myself playing a bit harder and breaking more sticks, which is not a boast. Nobody wants to break stuff. So I went to 5A, 5B, and now I ended up on the last tour with the fat back 3A. I spoke to Paiste about trying to recreate Phil’s old cymbals. We’ve gone for 2002 Big Beats and I’ve gone for 602 Modern Essentials - quite thin, but I was trying to sound like the record. I use four crashes on the gig, starting with a 21” 2002 Big Beat, a 20” 602 Modern Essentials, a 22” 602 Modern Essentials, and a 24” Big Beat, which is just a beautiful cymbal. I came off the last tour using 2002s, which are a little bit more aggressive, so I decided to pull it back a little bit and go for something less bity and something a little bit more warm. I’m using a 24” 602 Modern Essentials ride. Never used a 24’ ride before. It doesn’t feel like a 24”. It has all the body and the soul, but the attack of a smaller cymbal and a rich tone of a big cymbal. The other ride a 20” 602 Medium Flat Ride. It’a absolutely beautiful! I never thought I’d use one, but they sound fantastic. Then, I’ve got all the bells and whistles for the ’Epping Forest’ track, where there’s loads of little bells and sprinkles. I’ve got two accent cup chimes, a mega bell, which doubles up as a hat, which is cool. An 8” Modern Essentials Splash, a 10” Modern Essentials Splash, a PSTX 10 with a Flanger Stack. I was really torn with hi hats. I was trying to find something really warm, dark, but with attack. It is quite difficult and you don’t know until you’re on the gig or at rehearsals. We went for the 14” Modern Essentials and it’s absolutely THE perfect sound for me.

Drum Teacher Reacts | CRAIG BLUNDELL - Steven Wilson - 'Home Invasion' | (2020 Reaction) WOW!


REACTION PLAYLIST | 🤍 REQUEST? Hit the PATREON! 🤍 Business Inquiries? email | andrewrooneydrums🤍 Donate! | 🤍 OG Video | 🤍 Web | 🤍 Podcast | 🤍 FREE Transcriptions | 🤍 FB | 🤍 Instagram | 🤍 Podcast Instagram | 🤍 Podcast FB | 🤍 GEAR! Vocal / Podcast: AKG Microphone 🤍 Audio Technica 🤍 SM57 (Alternate Microphone) 🤍 Interface (How to plug mic into computer) 🤍 Mic Stand 🤍 Headphones: Sony MDR7506 🤍 Audio Technica 🤍 Drums / Cymbals: Snare (Recording Custom) 🤍 Snare 2 (Ludwig Supraphonic) 🤍 Snare 3 (Ludwig Acrolite) 🤍 Drum Kit Yamaha Stage Custom 🤍 Zildjian K 22 Light Ride 🤍 Zildjian K 14 Hi Hats 🤍 Zildjian K 18 Dark Crash 🤍 Low Volume Drum Set Up: Zildjian L80 Low Volume 14/16/18 Cymbal Set 🤍 Remo Silent Stoke (Toms / Kick) 🤍 Evans Real Feel Practice Pad 🤍 Drum Mics: Sennheiser e902 Kick Drum Mic 🤍 Sennheiser e904 Tom / Snare Drum Mic 🤍

Craig Blundell Amazing Roland TD-9KX V-Drum Performance


Buy Roland V-Drums here... 🤍 Craig Blundell came to PMT Portsmouth for a Roland V-Drum clinic during July 2010 and performed some jaw dropping demo's including this live set of mashed up tunes from his "Dr Oktopus" Drum n Bass project. What was really cool to see was how a creative musician like Craig really explored and pushed the limits of the technology by experimenting with just about every parameter on the units to make new music. Suddenly tuning a snare drum sound up and down takes on a totally new meaning as Craig changes it on the fly and builds it into a performance as another instrument!! All played live on a TD-9KX including firing loops and samples from Roland SPD-S sample pads. More video's from his inspiring and awesome 2 hour performance here. 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check out more of Craig's amazing work on his websites. 🤍 and 🤍 Subscribe 🤍 Find us on social media 🤍 🤍 🤍

PAISTE ARTIST - Craig Blundell (PSTX)


Paiste Drummer Craig Blundell has been playing our PSTX cymbals from the get go and they still get him excited. He shows us his favorite Ride / PSTX combination and which special Paiste Sounds are never missed in his setup. Craig's setup from left to right when sitting behind the kit: 5" / 5,5" / 6" / 6,5" / 7" / 7,5" / 8" 2002 Cup Chimes 14" Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat 10" / 8" PSTX Splash Stack 18" PSTX Swiss Medium Crash 12" / 10" PSTX Splash Stack 21" Masters Extra Dry Ride 20" PSTX Swiss Medium Crash 16" PSTX Swiss Hats 14" RUDE Blast China / 10" PSTX Swiss Splash (Stack) Which PSTX cymbals do you play? Craig's Links: Website - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 FOLLOW PAISTE CYMBALS: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shoot, Edit, Recorded & Mixed by Luki Linder (Paiste Switzerland)

OCTAPAD SPD-30 - Craig Blundell


OCTAPAD demo video with Craig Blundell, showing how it can be used as a full drumkit and emphasising just how much fun you can have with this phrase-looping percussion powerhouse. OCTAPAD SPD-30: 🤍 PDS-10 Pad Stand: 🤍 KD-9 Kick Drum: 🤍 PDX-8 Snare: 🤍 CY-5 (Hi-Hat): 🤍 FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller: 🤍 CY-8 Crash Cymbal: 🤍

Craig Blundell - Roland TD50 performance from the live Brussels streaming


Last night in Brussels, I had the huge honour of performing on the Roland TD-50 on #909day a 24 hour stream aired all around the world. It was absolutely nerve racking and one of the most intense and high pressure situations I've ever been in in a studio, when its your turn you get one take and that's your lot, good bad or ugly! I was still learning the track on my way over to Belgium,(written for me by the brilliant Alex Hutchings) and it wasn't a simple play. I could really feel the pressure just as they were coming to my part of the broadcast, nothing I could do apart from take a deep breath and see what came out, I didn't have a plan of how I was going to play it, but excuses aside I'm happy, you can probably see the relief on my face at the end!! It's been a blur these past few weeks with so many tracks in my head for many different people, but I wouldn't change a thing. I'd be delighted if you shared it, Please click the HD Button and crank it up #TD50

Craig Blundell - Rumpuklinikka Drumclinic


Rock Academy Finland toi Suomeen maailmankuulun progerumpali Craig Blundellin (UK) rumpuklinikan. Rumpuklinikka järjestettiin tiistaina 14.2.2017 Kulttuuriareena Gloriassa. Mukanaan Craigillä on Roland TD50 sähkörummut. Blundell on esiintynyt ja äänittänyt lukuisten ikonisten artistien kanssa, joihin lukeutuu mm. King Crimson, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden ja Rainbow. Blundell on tunnettu kouluttaja ja luennoi säännöllisesti yliopistoissa ja rumpuseminaareissa kokemuksistaan alalta ja itsemotivoinnin voimasta. Lisää Craig Blundellista voit lukea osoitteessa 🤍

”Towerblock” performed by Craig Blundell | Mapex Saturn Evolution


Listen carefully to how the drums sound and sit beautifully in the mix. When the Adjustment Knob engages with the shell, it allows for quicker decay, shorter and tighter sound, making room for those electric elements, a Pre-EQ that will make engineer's life easier. Craig’s set up in this video: Saturn Evolution in Exotic Violet Burst - Maple and Walnut Hybrid Shell - 10”x8” tom (9-Ply, 7.85mm) - 12”x9” tom (9-Ply, 8.55mm) - 14”x14” floor tom (9-Ply, 8.55mm) - 16”x16” floor tom (9-Ply, 8.55mm) - 22”18” bass drum (9-Ply, 9.25mm) Learn more about the revolutionary “Halo” Mounting System and the innovative Design Lab features incorporated in this line: 🤍 ''Towerblock' from the album “Falling Satellites" by Frost Huge thanks to Craig, Martin at Mapex UK, and everyone involved for making this video!



Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited Tour 2019 – Gateshead, The Sage 23.11.19 – Clocks Drum Solo By Craig Blundell Video & Audio by Michaela Ix For tourdates please visit the official website 🤍 or Facebook 🤍 🤍 Line Up: Steve Hackett: Vocals, Guitars Craig Blundell: Drums, Percussion Roger King: Keyboards Rob Townsend: Saxes, flutes Jonas Reingold: Bass, 12-string guitar Nad Sylvan: Vocals Thanks to Craig Blundell for the permission to share the video You may share the video with this You Tube link but it's strictly forbidden to upload this video on other You Tube channels, Facebook etc.

Craig Blundell (Steve Hackett "Seconds Out" Tour 14 May 2022)


Drum solo by Craig Blundell

Craig Blundell Amazing Drum Demo Pt. 3


This is the amazing Craig Blundell, one of the most demanded session drummers in the world. In this demo from The Gadget Show Live 2010 he showcaes the fantastic V Drum intruments from Roland and makes them look really easy to use. If you want to hear more from Craig go to his website: 🤍 All of the instruments in this video can be found at: 🤍 Part 1: 🤍 Part 2: 🤍

Craig Blundell Masterclass | The Bands of HM Royal Marines


Craig Blundell visited the Royal Marines School of Music for a music masterclass on performance and developing crucial musical skills. Craig is a former Royal Marines Bugler who took his career forward to become a professional drummer and he is now about to go on a world tour with Steven Wilson. For an exceptional career in music, please visit 🤍 + INSTAGRAM ►🤍 + FACEBOOK ► 🤍 + TWITTER ► 🤍 + SHOP ► 🤍 FIND OUR MUSIC AT: + iTUNES ► 🤍 + SPOTIFY ►🤍 JOIN US: + Royal Marines Band Service: 🤍

Let 2021 begin! Craig Blundell Drum & Bass


No better way to start off 2021 with Craig Blundell putting on a show at the Aquarian Warehouse with a little Drum & Bass!

Craig Blundell Drum Cam - "Shadow of the Hierophant" LIVE in Paris 2021


Mapex Artist Craig Blundell playing "Shadow of the Hierophant" by Steve Hackett with his single-headed BP Design Lab Cherry Bomb kit. “I’ve seen and heard this song performed in its entirety over many years, in progressive rock terms it’s a real classic in Steve’s incredible catalogue. Originally Phil Collins played on it masterfully and many great drummers that followed over the years have all played it wonderfully in their own style. Essentially this is the end section, 7 rotations, each one bigger than the last. It was, and is a huge honour to get to play this with Steve on this current tour.” - Craig Blundell #mapexdrums #mapexfamily #mapexglobal #playmore

Sea of Tranquility - Tracking with Craig Blundell


This was a Live tracking for an album I played on in February 2015. No edits.

Craig Blundell on joining Steven Wilson and gigging the Roland TD-30 & SPD-SX


With five hours of fiendish prog-rock material to learn, Craig Blundell knew that drumming for Steven Wilson was not a gig for the faint-hearted. In this video interview, the session legend reveals how Roland’s TD-30 V-Drums module, SPD-SX Sampling Pad and RT-Series of acoustic triggers helped him nail the setlist – and are at the heart of his live setup.

Roland All Access: Drummer Craig Blundell, and Hybrid Drums


When performing live with acoustic drums, a lot goes into making the drums sound great on the stage. Without microphones around the kit, the drums can easily be lost in the mix of guitars, bass, keys and vocals. But even with the best mics, PA and sound engineers around, touring drummers still need additional sounds to complement and reinforce their acoustic drum sound. Hybrid drumming combines technology with acoustic drums so you can reinforce and complement your acoustic drum sound by adding electronic sounds. More drum sounds, improved sound quality, higher production values for your performance—with hybrid... the possibilities are endless. Craig Blundell, touring with Steven Wilson (of progressive-metallers Porcupine Tree) needs a whole range of sounds beyond his acoustic drums; sounds from the album such as drum and bass kicks and 909 snares, and sounds to help his acoustic drums really pack a punch in stadiums across the globe. Craig explains how he is using Roland Hybrid Drums, and what he’s using within his set-up. Explore the world of Roland Hybrid Drums: ➤ FIND OUT MORE: 🤍 ➤ NEW TO HYBRID DRUMS?: 🤍 For information on the products used in this video: ➤ BT-1 BAR TRIGGER PAD: 🤍 ➤ TD-50 DRUM SOUND MODULE: 🤍 ➤ RT-30K KICK DRUM TRIGGER: 🤍 ➤ RT-30HR DUAL ZONE TRIGGER: 🤍 ➤ SPD-SX SPECIAL EDITION SAMPLING PAD: 🤍 Other Roland All Access drum videos: ➤ MIKE JOYCE (THE SMITHS) & RICHARD JUPP (ELBOW): 🤍 ➤ BEANIE (RUDIMENTAL): 🤍 ➤ MAT HECTOR (IGGY POP): 🤍 ➤ OLI WISEMAN (ANNE-MARIE): 🤍 ➤ WILL HUNT (EVANESCENCE): 🤍 ➤ SIMON SANTUNIONE (ZARA LARSSON): 🤍 #rolandhybrid #rolandhybriddrums #hybriddrums

Craig Blundell Worldwide Weekend Masterclasses


After months of planning and preparation, I am delighted to be able to launch my Worldwide Weekend Masterclasses. I will be running a live and fully interactive masterclass at the weekend at two different times. So no matter where you are in the world, there will be a time to suit you. Over the two hours I will be using ground-breaking audio and visual technology to give you a fully immersive experience. I've taken time and care to mix everything from a snare to a wireless microphone to give you the best audio experience at home. In the masterclass I will be performing tracks, breaking parts down and sharing my knowledge as well as having fun and interacting with you all. I will be using multiple camera angles in real time that will allow you to see all aspects of my performance. Behind me there will be a whiteboard that I will be using to teach and explain my concepts. There will be a camera fixed on this whiteboard, allowing you to take screengrabs as and when I write notation or ideas. We will also have Q & A sessions in real time where I will play, write or explain my answers. I will be conducting live polls and during the class gauging your opinion on subjects and getting an overview. I will be setting you various challenges using clicks and loops. You will need your streaming device, phone, pc, mac etc, some headphones, sticks and a practice pad or kit. The masterclass will cover all standards from beginners to advanced players, or maybe just curious music fans. All are welcome and I am incredibly grateful for your support. I intend to work extremely hard to bring you a different and challenging masterclass every week that you can look forward to The cost of entry to each masterclass is £10.00. All details are at 🤍 A percentage of all fees received will be donated to the NHS with immense gratitude for everything they are doing for us in the UK at the moment. I need to thank Roland, Sennheiser, Mapex and Paiste for providing these tools currently that enable me to bring this to you all during these challenging times.

Craig Blundell - Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Performance


Mapex artist Craig Blundell performing on a new Black Panther Design Lab kit. Learn more about Black Panther Design Lab: 🤍 Follow us on social media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Roland UK Band Perform - Alex Hutchings, Craig Blundell & Luke Edwards


🤍 Another chance to see The Roland UK demonstrators Band fabulous jam at Nevada Music's "3 Men on a Bike" Charity night..... Craig is using the SPD-30 Octapad with extra pedals and pads plugged in to make a compact drum kit, Luke is playing the new Juno Gi synth workstation and Alex has the New Cube 40XL with the Boss ST-2 distortion pedal and a Musicman Axis guitar. 🤍 🤍 Subscribe 🤍 Find us on social media 🤍 🤍 🤍

Steven Wilson - Ancestral - Drum Cam - Nh7 Weekender Pune, India


Steven Wilson – Ancestral – Drum Cam Video NH7 Bacardi Music Festival – Pune 2016 By kind permission of Steven, I’m delighted to share with you a desk mix of the last 6 minutes of “Ancestral” This is always a lot of fun to play live, not one night is the same but hopefully there’s a little insight for you guys to see what is going on back there night after night with my brilliant tech “Beet” behind me making sure everything is as it should be. So many people have asked to see this so here you go… When it all goes a bit full on, the clip does contain flashing images All I ask is please share it if you like it, click the HD button and turn it up! Thank you for watching

Craig Blundell Kit Tour for Rhythm Magazine 2019


Craig takes us through every detail of his 2019 Touring/Clinic Setup. A printed feature of this run-down appears in Issue 293 of Rhythm Magazine, November 2019. Subscribe to the magazine at 🤍

Paiste PSTX presents Craig Blundell and 'Deadline'


Inspired by the sounds of the Paiste PSTX range, artist Craig Blundell put his favourite models on his kit next to his regular hats and ride, and wrote a track around their dirty, trashy effects sounds. Manufactured from the iconic CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze, the core of the PSTX is made up of the Swiss models, cymbals that achieve a noisy, dirty, trashy sound quality by the use of specific layouts and varied sizes for the holes, whilst their silky surface distinguishes the cymbals visually. Cymbals used L-R Signature 14 Dark Crisp Hats PSTX 10 Swiss Splash PSTX 16 Swiss Thin Crash PSTX 14 Flanger stack Twenty Custom 20 Metal Ride (discontinued) PSTX 18 Swiss Thin Crash PSTX 18 Medium Crash PSTX 14 Swiss Hats For more info go to 🤍 THANKS to CRAIG BLUNDELL 🤍 Track 'Deadline' written by Craig Blundell

Craig Blundell tracking Quantam Pigs - LongLetterHome


A couple of months or so, I was asked to play drums on an album by a new band, beautifully called "Quantum Pig" the brainchild of musicians Ian Faragher and Mark Stevenson. I heard a track off the album and really liked it so two dates were fixed to track drums. We tracked three and a half tracks yesterday and completed the album this afternoon. The session was such a joy and it was a real pleasure to play some beautifully written songs with some of my own progressive music influences. I hadn't played the songs before, I charted them last week in Sweden and by the 3rd or fourth run through each track was in the bag. By kind permission of the artist, here's a small snippet of one of the longer songs off the album which features some "drummy stuff" but nothing too crazy..its just a rough desk mix and I was reading it!! A couple of requests pretty please, If you dig it please please PLEASE share, I'd really like to give them some exposure as a new band, feel free to follow them on twitter 🤍QuantumPigBand and finally click the HD button and crank it up... As always, huge thank you to Mapex Drums Paiste Cymbals Aquarian Drumheads Vater Drumsticks Official Fan Page SlapKlatz Roland Sennheiser Protection Racket Recorded at Outhouse Studios Reading UK

Roland TD-12KX V-Drums - Craig Blundell Performance


Session drummer and international clinician Craig Blundell shows off the Roland TD-12KX V-Drums. See more about the Roland TD-12KX here: 🤍

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