EVERYTHING Coming in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch



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EVERYTHING Coming in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch
EVERYTHING Coming in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch
EVERYTHING Coming in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch
EVERYTHING Coming in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch
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2022-11-20 01:48:04

They add these stupid ass lizards that nobody gives a shit about instead of the giga chad tuskarr? Then to make matters worse they bring the tuskarr back as major characters in this expansion but you still can’t play as them? Blizzard can you do anything right?!

2022-11-04 05:56:15

So since we can chromie from 10-60 would that mean we could lfr? Like pandaria or burning crusade? Or do you think they would restrict that to have us see the new content raids?

Oh no nvm I guess not lol since the new cap would be 70 not 60.

2022-11-01 19:08:01

can the new race be other classes or is just the new class

2022-11-01 09:21:48

The white and black hooded dragon looks cool as fuck

2022-10-30 09:19:12

DF items, mounts & environments looks so plain. The texture work looks like it's done by babies with only one stroke and two colours. Where is the detail? This was speed painted without the love behind it.
As for the UI edit feature I find it half-arsed. The snap function only works in relation to other bars and not the grid lines and even THEN it's finickety (doesn't always snap).
Hotbar 1 panel (the main one) has two gargoyle statues at either end. When you're adding bars near them they are in the way. If you want to see dialogue text or auto-activated ability 'use' items for quests it covers it unless you put the hotbars far enough apart to the sides.
This is rushed...and it shows.
SL was the death knell anyway

2022-10-29 15:07:45

I still don't like every race can be every class and I will never like it. It fucking kills the immersion and the lore and the point of everything just like inter-faction dungeons etc. But hey new players and new generations are just a bunch of whiny bitches who want it all and Blizz need money

2022-10-29 13:29:57

What took them too long to add this features? Is it a good time to go back?

2022-10-27 14:54:20

wait this looks so good. makes me wanna go back to regular wow

2022-10-27 14:15:20

Rip Bartender…

2022-10-27 00:07:30

new race actually NPC? wtf is this character design?

2022-10-26 21:25:49

bruh if they got tauren rogue i want human druids. society so dumb

2022-10-26 20:56:13

Solo arena! Sweet!

2022-10-26 19:12:11

what is this game? it looks old and outdated. Yuck!

2022-10-26 17:52:47

awesome i’m so excited thanks for the vid!

2022-10-26 12:20:15


2022-10-26 11:35:46

Not 2v2 rank?skip...

2022-10-26 11:24:48

Seemsike wow is goin on ps.... from crappy to even more shitty patches :(

2022-10-26 07:51:12

The fact that Tauren can be rogues, is the reason I'll never play retail lol

2022-10-26 01:40:57

ROLF gamepad support.....facepalm

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